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Thank you for visiting Dorpermex.com, the official web site for Rancho San Francisco. Rancho San Francisco is dedicated to breeding, raising, showing, and selling of top quality South African Dorper sheep and Boer goats. Our main farm is located close to the city of Monterrey, in northern Mexico. We belong to the American Dorper Sheep Breeders' Society (ADSBS), where all our animals are registered. In the following pages you will see an assortment of typical animals that we either have in stock or have sold in the past. We are continuously improving our herd with better genetics, and our main goal is to breed superior, high quality animals, emphasizing functional efficiency of the progeny.In recent months we have added new breeding lines such as Status Quo, Main Event, Bimbo to our herd with great success.


Fullblood Breeding Ram
Fullblood Breeding Ram

Please feel free to contact us for your needs or questions. If we do not have what you specifically need, we can probably tell you who does, or we can get it for you.



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Rancho San Francisco



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